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Ever since my ‘Spiritual Awakening‘, I sought to spread awareness about the amazing things I’ve learnt about life and the world in general. Unlike in the West, the majority of people in other parts of the world are still stuck believing what they’ve been brainwashed to, by their respective governments since birth. The youth and adults of today can’t blame their parents for this because there was no form of worldwide networking nor any humongous integrated informational database like the World Wide Web, a while back in history. 

My main motive is to make those around me wake up to the truth. I’m still on my journey and am in no way an authority on spirituality or life, but I know as much or more than what I require. Reality isn’t just material. It’s made up of many layers that are all real in their unique manner. To elaborate a bit, we don’t just have ‘one’ body, but we have 3 or more; the three being the Spiritual, Emotional and Physical body (the last of which we are aware about).

Let’s open our real selves, eyes, ears, palms, taste buds and nostrils because they’re the true gateway to beyond (the Six Senses). Yes, life has it’s secrets, tricks and stuff. Sometimes, I meet guys that ask me, “Aren’t you a gamer? What games do you play?”… I find it so hard to reply, cause the answer zaps through my head, “Well, I’m playing the Ultimate, game of Life. I never will have any interest in the fake version of it.” 

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