I understood how to control, maintaining a balance on the mental plane (everything related to the mind like thoughts, emotions, etc.) We always encounter times when we’re not in the mood, especially when it comes to work. We force ourselves to comply and push our bodies to move, as though they’re machines that aren’t following the directives given. One method to manipulate this is through the Law of Rhythm.


I’ve always been one to develop my own techniques to understand myself and the world better, as well as use these to conquer life’s instability and unpredictability. Recently while constantly studying, I came across a marvellous observation that I made myself. I had these burn-out patches after every 45 – 60 minutes of studying. And after about 2 or 3 of these patches (within which I would require about 15 – 30 minutes of rest or recreation normally), I lost a grip on my mind all together.

It is the fall that results in the rise..
It is the fall that results in the rise..


  • My visual focus was fluttering from side to side
  • I couldn’t read a single word calmly without my eyes shifting, nor even text with regards to the context
  • I had no attention span- it felt like being autistic (just an expression)
  • I was just reacting, having no clue where I was going or why I was going into a particular room
  • And I knew that having a short nap would leave me mentally paralysed for hours together

“Mental tiredness or stress causes your body to mimic the same. As your spiritual, emotional (also mental) and physical bodies are interdependent on each other. So what could I do?”


I had no choice but to resort to extreme measures. I decided to let go of everything, even if it meant studying no more and failing maybe the next day even. This is what I did:

  • Used the empty-headedness advantageously and cut off any sort of thought pattern available
  • Hugged my dog and starting petting her lovingly
  • Spaced out having a wash
  • Watched some Japanese Good vs Evil anime while laying back and spreading my legs like the King of the House

I got back my focus after doing these things. I was back to normal and could focus my gaze on a spot. I was chilled out and functioning properly. What I didn’t realise was why I got back in action so quickly, it was all because of the things I did and how I did them:

  • Cutting off any thought pattern causes your brain to have no workload. Although, this can only be achieved effectively if you give up on what you’re doing. You have to do this or else you’ll be trying to cut off your thoughts, when deep down your intentions are not corresponding. Your mental or emotional intentions could still be to get back to work quickly and this, ruins the spell totally.
  • Petting my dog helped start the process of transferring my awareness into my sense of touch from actually mentally perceiving and formulating things. I just lived in the moment, hugging my dog tight and petting her lovingly. Another discovery, the hugging and the emotional connect opened up my emotions, so sensation on a parallel level. This would also aid in shifting the spotlight away from the mind.
  • Having a hot wash (I don’t use the term shower or a bath, cause I do wash myself just like you’d wash a car technically speaking) reinforced the awareness of my Touch. To compliment that, the whole body is in a state of relaxation and recharge during this time. This untangles the body all together like it’s one muscle.
  • Watching cartoon episodes especially, with guys who have special powers and involving a fight between Good and Evil; triggered my free imagination, the mental freedom a child has. Not only that, it also instilled the Good vs Evil concept in me and triggered my emotions. Basically, it made me feel like the characters and me both hit wall; and when they broke the wall, so could I. To me personally, this also touched me on a spiritual level as I’m on the side of the Light and I’d sacrifice anything to make it shine.

Rise n Fall2


I felt the urge to fight in me. My body was as normal as it could be. And my mind was ready to explore and pay attention.

“So I finally opened the book and felt some resistance, some part of me saying ‘I’m tired of this’. But I went on with the emotions and commitment I absorbed and just decided to read. Within three minutes it all fell back into place”


I have to be honest and tell you that, I burned out again within an hour. The stuff I was studying was just too dense for me. The incident I told you about was from the first time I discovered how to manipulate my mentality. Now I do it without doing most of those things and get back to work in just about 15 – 30 minutes, by controlling my emotions alone.

“It’s simple- Rise and Fall of anything and everything has to happen in any aspect of your life. Recognising and understanding how it works is just the first step to this Law of Rhythm. But what I’ve done here is manipulated this Law to suit my needs by speeding it up”

Later, I started making myself all emotional on purpose. Bitterly giving up and believing I was all down-on-the-mat and never going to make a comeback. I’d stay in this state and try to console myself, again, either by petting my dog, having a wash or watching specific animation. I was in simple terms, ‘causing my fall’ and hence I could rise again. A simple but amazing manipulation..


An Energetic Insight,

Born Into The Light..