There is a flow, a cycle and a season to every facet of life. Nothing stays up permanently, neither does it stay down. Adapting and surviving most freely in such situations surely means some sort of mastery over life.


flowing water on pebbles

I’m a firm believer that one should never go against the flow of things. The most easiest example I could give you is one where one partner loses his bond with the other. Once lost, he can never be the same with her, feel the same either. Hence, she will never be the same either. Going on in this fashion leads to no where but Pain. 

Life is about the experience. How will you ever know what you want until you actually realise what you really want?

And how does one find out what suits his or her taste?

You have to experience.. The more you experience as a person, the more observations you can make and the faster you can make up your mind on what you really want.

I know, we are talking about people here, not objects. But in society today, at least in the East rather than the West; things are too fixed and constricted. Everyone is different and unique. No one person will want the same thing in the same quantity. It is their being and self satisfaction that provides the answer to that.


This is something I read in  Linda Goodman’s – Star Signs. The book that actually opened my eyes to realities before I had my Spiritual Awakening. It also works on the principle of flow.

According to the Money Mystique, whenever you hoard or save, you block the flow of things and you get less of it. But when you let go of the most you have in hand and keep a little just in case, then you are supporting the Natural Flow which keep all of Nature alive. There will be times when you have nothing but shortly after, you will get back in multiples of what you gave.

Basically, Nature takes care of everything and everyone, provided none of them have attachments and live freely and in harmony with everything else.

So with regards to real life application, you can hoard up about 20% of your salary only per month. The rest, spend equally among family, friends, the needy, etc.

I started following this back then and things did brighten up. There  were moments were there’d be nothing in hand but when something came in, it did come in beyond what was required. Mostly twice in amount. Pretty amazing yeah!

So this works in every way. Use your imagination and logic and apply it to life. You’ll be surprised what such thoughts can result in..



“Throughout life.. We search, and sometimes, perch ourselves in places we feel comfortable to be in.

However, the duration of these destine-felt spans are fatefully uncertain.

All this does, is make us very certain of the fact, that every flower has its very own spellbound nectar;

And that we ought to peck each and every one of these, in order to someday find the someone, or the something we’re eternally looking for”

~ Born Into The Light