Stereotyping not only applies to shapes, sizes and colours.. Most often it’s the most shapless, formless and invisible of things, to which we attributes stereotypes..

Never ever categorise something or someone based on what you know about their/its story. I’m not talking about racism, communalism or even trendiness for that matter. I’m talking about your thoughts, feelings, urges and interpretations.. 

Your perception of these can change the face of everything, just like the Law of Conviction states that once you believe in something with utmost certainty, it’ll begin to cloud your judgement and make it seem real. 

Change starts with you, in you. And not out of you.

storm will pass


My real cry out goes to those who don’t know what’s wrong with them emotionally, not because they’re damaged but maybe just because they can’t seem to get rid of it. All I wanna say is, you’re NOT alone and you’re NOT insane. You’re perfectly fine..

Every response or reaction we make or are uncontrollably forced to do, tells a story. It tells us that ‘maybe’ there could be something out of place. Yes. I was having a perfect day, in the best mood ever and then when she dropped coffee on me by mistake I lashed out at her.. And I don’t even know why?

Well there is something a little off balance somewhere and these are problems you can only find if you withdraw within your self and go backwards in time. Play your tape of time backwards.. And then! Yes! There you’ll find it, one corrupt portion in your beautiful slide show. That’s how you find them all.

And since finding doesn’t seal the deal, you got to be there for yourself. If it’s a tough memory, you got to objectify and observe. If it involves people’s actions, then you have to empathise. With Empathy, the world would be a horrible place and nothing would work out once it were broken.

Nature is always there to help you out. It is the purest form of God’s creation and presence and you are a part of it. Don’t think that by flying planes and killing the mightiest animals, humans are a law unto themselves. No no, we are a part of nature gone astray; for reasons good and bad. It it what we’re destined to do, no matter how many times we encounter the same situation.

Fishing Waves

“Being born with the power, the gift, to see beyond that which lies before us..

There shouldn’t be anything in life, that we’re forced to ‘tag’ in a particularly fixed manner.

It is entirely upto you, and you alone, whether it is a fish that you catch, or a wave..

And even if you catch a wave, instead of a fish, it doesn’t at all mean that it’s invaluable or nothin’ all together..

For, it’s all a matter of Perspective… All you gotta do is look beyond the line.”

~ Born Into The Light