Man will always choose either one of the two sides.

This is inevitable..


“Every Step you take, every Action you make & every Thought you think while Living, is either one of the Light or the Dark.

Apart from that, all your ‘Six’ senses can Perceive stimuli as that of Light or Darkness.

It’s important to always check and re-check exactly which side you’re on, especially if you have no clue whatsoever.

But lem’me clean up things for you: The Light manifests things & magic without any sort of a Dealing.

And Darkness? Well, no matter what it can do for you, it always Ends up Eating you up.

So choose wisely & open your ‘Eye’, please?”

(Notice the left half of the picture with more Light and the right half with more Darkness)…

~ Born Into The Light…


If you wanna try things and come to know stuff for real, then go on freely. But the minute you cross the line, there’s no turning back. Your doings from that point on will have implications on your future.

Instead, you could choose just to taste a bit of each and then observe intently, how things go about and why.. This would lead you in the right direction in a much better way. For at the end of the day, he who has awakened is able to see the other side of the story right before his eyes in real time. And if you can manage to look with such objectivity from the beginning, I’m sure you achieve success much much sooner.