There’s so much of news. So many rumours around. That we don’t have a clue whether something’s right or not.

Psychics are being or people who’s senses pick up stuff beyond the range confined physically to the material world we live in.


I always loved the idea of being Superman or Green Lantern, flying around, cutting things up with laser beams and being the Hero! I went on day dreaming in that way for years and years, just like anyone else would. And then finally due to some grave reasons, I was soaked in desperation and frustration; so much so I willingly decided to give up everything, anything around me, in the hope of realising the Truth. As I opened the door to my inward Spiritual journey,  I started gathering more and more knowledge, which others would dismiss and rubbish. Greatest thing being, I didn’t need any proof to verify such claims, because I was the proof myself. And then, my eyes opened wide…..

The Crystal Ball
The Crystal Ball


I could never bear to watch anything scary or frightening, and till today being an adult, I still can’t. It captures my world and corrupts my world somehow.

I always had a problem feeling drained during certain times and certain environments. As though the spirit were pulled out  of me. And yet at other times, when in moments of extreme happiness or shock or sadness, I’d feel a weird tingling all over my body. It was as though there were bubbles of electricity sitting and moving about on my skin. It was just a funny fact to me back then. Whenever i prayed with all my heart, or felt inspired by a movie and started crying- I’d feel a layer of these electrical bubbling all over my body increase greatly in its intensity. What an amazing feeling, I used to really feel like a super hero.

Whenever I walked into the sunlight or near trees, even if I was fainting, I’d feel myself rejuvenate to full force within a minute’s notice.

Encountering certain people was tough for me. I would feel dizzy talking to some people within a minute or two. Yet with others, I could be my best self throughout the day.



I was a psychic and I had no clue about it. Nor did anyone I ever met in my life I guess. But when I found out and started realising things, it was so clear that I wasn’t having funny moments at all in actuality.

I could feel my aura (electromagnetic field) and I can (not ‘could’ anymore) still control it. I get shivers  sometimes when it suddenly spikes up without prior notice. Now, ever since my Spiritual Awakening I able able to be aware of my psychic ability which falls under ‘clairscentience’- the ability of extra-sensory feeling/touch. 

I now suck in energy from water, nature, sunlight (sun energy makes my body heat up though)  and wind! My favourite is wind energy. It’s cool, clean and gives you an exhilarating feeling. I even feel the aural tension during those awkward moments you sometimes have with people, and I solve the moment by changing my vibration  to a higher (happier) one. 

“I now suck in energy from water, nature, sunlight (sun energy makes my body heat up though)  and wind! My favourite is wind energy”

Types of Psychics


  • Clairvoyance: It is basically extrasensory Sight, beyond the normal range of physical vision. One can see electromagnetic entities, auras of people, etc. in real time.
  • Clairaudience: It is basically extrasensory Hearing, beyond the normal range of physical hearing. One can hear sounds and voices that are not originating from the physical space they are currently present in, they could even hear a piano playing when they walk into an open courtyard.
  • Clairscentience: It is basically extrasensory Feeling/Touch, beyond the normal range of physical feeling. One can feeling non-physical forces pulling, feel the touch of something that does not appear to exist, etc.
  • Claircognizance: It is basically extrasensory Knowing, beyond the normal range of understanding or hearing. One is sent mental messages on what sort of a decision to make or may see an image of someone known pop into his head while feeling uneasy himself, later finding out  that person is very seriously ill.
  • Clairalience: It is basically extrasensory Smell, beyond its normal range. One could get the scent of wet mud while walking into a cafe or the scent of a perfume only used by a person he/she met about 20 years ago.
  • Clairgustance: It is basically extrasensory Taste, beyond its normal range. One could get the taste of clove while walking into a laboratory, etc.


light worker

We’ve been taught since birth to fear the things we have no knowledge about, and this goes  on till today about ghosts and such. Finally such a stereotype remains embedded in our psyche, clouding our understanding and openess forever.

It’s time we opened ourselves to such realities, especially in this age of Information and Technology, as it’s possible to find out and verify authentic  information.


Love and Light,

Born Into The Light… 🙂