The Third Eye has been used in the many concepts, be it fiction, etc. Some look at it in an ominous way and well others, they revere it as the ‘Seat of the Soul’. It the most unassuming gland in the body which has stood the test of time and is believed to be something else all together.

Third eye


It is one of the most important gateways in the human body. As per the ancient Chakra system, psychic abilities are actualised from this. The Pineal gland is represented as the ‘Third Eye’ Chakra. It is the 6th Gateway to Spiritual Ascension. Spiritual Ascension refers to mastering the body, soul and reality itself, in such a way that one can change into anything and everything and go anywhere and everywhere even if it were to be outside our perception of reality.


  • The pineal gland is one of the smallest and most important endocrine glands in the body. Located in the center of the brain close to the more well-known pituitary gland, the pineal gland gets its name from its characteristic pine cone shape. It is also known as the pineal organ, the pineal body or the “third eye”. This small gland controls your body’s sleep-wake pattern. However, due to lots of factors, calcification of pineal gland can occur, hampering brain function. Remedies to decalcify the brain should immediately be taken.
  • The pineal gland has several critical functions including secretion of melatonin the hormone that causes sleepiness and regulation of certain endocrine functions. The gland also helps the body to convert signals from the nervous system to signals in the endocrine system.
  • Physiologically, in conjunction with the hypothalamus gland, the pineal gland controls the sex drive, hunger, thirst and the biological clock which determines the body’s normal aging process.
Pineal Gland Shown In CT Scan
Pineal Gland Shown In CT Scan

“Resting comfortably in the recessed center of your brain, encased snugly within the corpus colossum, wrapped tightly between the dual-hemispheres of spongy nerve bundles, encased in the quarter-inch-thick armor-plating of skull, finally surrounded by your main and expressive organs with which you face the world, exists a tiny gland, long considered vestigial (serving little to no function), that holds the key to our interpretation of existence as we know it.  I’m speaking of the pineal gland. This minute spec, roughly the size of a grain of rice, is more heavily protected than even the heart with its literal cage of protection, because if something happens to your heart you die, but if something happens to your pineal, you can’t go to heaven.” (


We Are Brainwashed and Blinded to the Reality of Things by our Governments and those in Power
We Are Brainwashed and Blinded to the Reality of Things by our Governments and those in Power

In this day and age, none of our resources are completely pure and especially not our food and water. As we got involved in becoming more and more ‘developed’ and ‘civilised’, we ended up over looking the ground facts.

Today, we have contaminants in our water, soil and food. Basically, if your water is polluted, everything else is bound to be so. Some of the most harmful chemicals that we humans blindly consume on a day to day basis are Chlorine, Fluoride, Mercury and even Arsenic. Fluoride is what calcifies the Pineal Gland, for at birth or during childhood, it is completely normal and clean. Right now, I’m sure that all of us in our late teens and early adulthood already have our glands calcified. 

Nobody realises what going for a swim in a pool contaminated with chlorine can do. Chlorine enter the the body through our skin and travels and sits on our endocrine glands. This can cause them to misbalance, hence putting the organs related to that gland or the entire body for that matter, into chaos.

The origins of the Third Eye are far to deeply rooted.
The origins of the Third Eye are far to deeply rooted.


As long as the instruments for us to know the truth are kept at bay, we have no chance of verifying anything. I’ll let you in on something.. If Governments and those in Power (who want to be in Power forever) keep our resources contaminated, cause us to be insecure and fearful about things like famines and national security; how can you expect yourself to focus on what really matter? You’re being made to run around a maze your whole life, in the hop of finding success and fortune; but what is success? Was ‘success’ there from time immemorial? Did God create success in the way we believe it to be?

SUCCESS is a man made concept! We are actually meant to be self-sufficient and live in tandem with Nature. But our curiosity will always get the better off us. And once one man sees how foolish the others are, he will make it his aim to blind them from what really matters, out of greed.

If our water is contaminated, which in turn contaminates our body. How can we expect to be living at the best of health? And if your Pineal Gland is calcified, how do you expect to see the Truth?

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“This pineal gland has influences on both melatonin and pinoline, but our interest is in the gland’s role in the creation of dimethyltriptamine, or DMT. This chemical, DMT, may well be the reason we, as a species, are capable of sentience itself.” (Wondergressive)


Self Knowledge.