You made me love, live and cry

But in full bloom, never a tear to the eye

Cause your radiance could either heal,

Or kill, and leave one to die..

First Acension

The Full Moon is the most powerful form of its manifestation. Its other forms being the New Moon, Waxing Moon and Waning Moon: Each having their own significance. By both conventional and non-conventional sciences, the phases are factually known to have dramatic effects on all living beings as well as the element of Water on our planet.

Effect On Living & Non-Living Matter

A Full Moon causes raised moisture in plant life, which accelerates their growth power. But since it has an effect on all living matter, it also causes increased activity by insects and microbes. In the case of plants, their increased growing power is counter affected by their vulnerability to infestation (due to the raised moisture/water content). Clams also open up based on the rhythmic patters of the Moon cycles. There are certain places around the world that experience very rare displays of drastic movements water, so much so they sometimes have to evacuate people surrounding such water bodies for that period of time until the Full Moon’s power fades away slowly.

Significance Through Alternate Sciences

Metaphysically, the Full Moon is of great significance. It is believed to bring about the most powerful vibrations in us and our environments (people & places). People use such Full Moon nights to connect spiritually (apparently even heal their DNA) and even participate in forms of magic. Gem Stones and Crystals that are sensitive, are charged under the Full Moon especially, as it transfers its most powerful and beneficial light energy to not just materials (but all living matter!)

Astrologically, it is associated with the sign Cancer. Cancer and the Moon in general are very strongly related to emotions and emotional well-being. Some say that if you look at the Moon constantly, you might be able to see the shadow of a woman on its face, which represents the feminine force.

And finally, when it comes to life; some suggest following the Moon cycles constantly, to deal and cope with your life. Following is one such representation:

Moon Phases - Life Phases
Moon Phases – Life Phases

It’s good to follow a bit of everything and not be ignorant and unaware in life. Sometimes the very philosophy that you remained thick-skinned towards, makes you realise some valuable lessons much much later in life. You never know who or what can teach you something useful in life. And so, don’t take Nature for granted. If you do not believe in reincarnation, then you should remember that the Sun, Moon and the Stars were born before you. Each and every part of the Universe has an effect on you, as well as a lesson to teach you. But if you do believe in concepts like reincarnation, then you would instantly know and understand how sensitive we are to such celestial bodies and eye-opening lesson they’ve got to teach us.

Flames Radient Energy!

Born Into The Light..