Colours, sounds and everything else are linked with relation to vibration. They all vibrate at a certain frequency. And colours have the power to change our worlds, not only because they bring light to our lives. But because they have an effect on all levels…..


There are more than a 100 chakras in the human body. Some are small, while others are big. So let’s focus on the major ones for now. Chakras are basically, the Life Force or Energy Vortexes within the human body. They aren’t a part of your physical body. They belong and are a broken down form of your spiritual body.

Just to explain this, we are living in 3 bodies which are integrated at the moment:

  • Spiritual Body
  • Feeling Body
  • Physical Body

chakras 2


Each of these are interconnected and hence, when the health of any one of these gets affected, the others will start to show problems too. Example: If a middle-age husband who has kids loses his wife. He is most likely to suffer from mental agony, which falls under the feeling body. He starts to feel a variety of emotions, be it grief, anxiety, frustration, sadness, etc. As I mentioned in my post ‘Kill Your Common Cold Right Now!’, any problem or conflict that lingers on beyond a certain short period of time – will manifest into something worse or permanent in nature. Since ‘feeling’ comes from the heart, he is most likely to have a problem manifest  with regards to that chakra, the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra (Thymus) governs the functioning of blood circulation, compassion, etc. So with regards to the example – he is likely to start having a high blood pressure problem for instance, for which he’ll start popping pills daily (let’s not get into that).

Another example might clear out your mind a little more. Suppose a person were to lose his/her legs maybe. Legs come under the Root Chakra, located somewhere near your Anus. It is the first and most basic chakra that needs fulfillment, as it is based on security and support. he might feel insecure from then on, and not be secure anymore. He may feel like a pushover or incapable of protecting himself.

Instead of explaining to you each chakra (major chakra), here’s an image that’ll give you a little info…

chakras explained


Some of you reading such stuff for the first time will wonder whether I’ve gone cuckoo or whether the whole planet got living all wrong. Nothing to worry though, you will open up to the truth when it’s your time. Because these things have already been decided. Just because some like me speak on such topics or just because a Spiritual Master claims to have unified with the Truth, doesn’t mean you’re inferior. Oh no you’re not, you choose your reality.

Without digging up more (before your processor gets fried), I’ll just quote something that opened the real world up to me –

Seek The Truth..

And The Truth Shall Reveal itself…