If there’s any regular disease that we totally think we have no control over, it has to be the common cold. We all surrender and hang our gloves the minute we encounter it, simply because we’ve been taught and told since birth by the ‘conventional’ medical industry that you can’t get rid of a cold. I’m starting to prove this theory false, by adopting certain new information in my own life that does not involve any form of supplements (like Vitamin C) or medicines (such as antibiotics) whatsoever! Hear the truth please?..


German New Medicine (GNM) has explained on their website, the exact process in which a disease or infection takes place. It’s a bit startling at first, given the fact that we’ve been misled all this time. I shall try to sum it up for quicker recollection.

As mentioned in the website itself, “The dilemma in which today’s medicine finds itself is that by failing to recognize the two phases of every Significant Biological Special Program (of Nature), doctors only see the second phase, because it is only in the healing phase during which microbes are active. And since the activity of microbes is accompanied by swelling, fever, inflammation, pus, discharge and pain, microbes are considered to be ‘pathogenic’ and the cause of ‘infectious diseases.’”

Basically, this states that every disease or infection has two phases:

  • Conflict Active Phase

  • Vagatonic Healing Phase


Before getting back to the process again, I just want you to know that it is not the microbes or the viruses that cause the infection (as you’ve been constantly told). The lowered condition of the affected tissue or organ makes it favourable for them to inhabit this area. At the same time, the body literally ‘invites’ them to inhabit it in order to initiate healing. It’s as good as a temporary ‘symbiotic relationship’ or ‘contract’ that the body makes.


“The ‘Spanish Flu’ outbreak of 1918 as well as the lung tuberculosis (TB) epidemic after the First World War, during which millions of people were suffering ‘territorial fear conflicts’, affecting the bronchia with potentially fatal pneumonia during the healing phase, and death-fright conflicts, involving the lung alveoli, causing lung tumors, which were NOT detected during the conflict-active stress phase! The end of the war initiated a mass-healing, so-to-speak, resulting in two pandemics. This is why so many did not survive TB: tubercular secretion, produced during the decomposing process of lung tumors, contains high amounts of proteins, which is expelled through the sputum. A diet rich in proteins is therefore indispensable to supplement the protein loss. Due to the extreme poverty caused by the world economic crises that followed World War I, those afflicted with tuberculosis did not get the protein-rich food needed for healing. Only those who could afford adequate nutrition were able to survive. The poor had no chance. These epidemics are not caused by TB-bacteria, let alone by HIV, but are the result of frightening political, social, and economic conditions. What the people in those parts of the world really need is peace and food rather than wars and drugs.” (GNM website)

Some Conflicts Are So Subtle, You Won't Even Notice..
Some Conflicts Are So Subtle, You Won’t Even Notice Until You Search Within












The infection is caused by prolonged exposure to a conflict you’re facing (conflict active phase), which hasn’t been resolved in a particular amount of days. This unresolved conflict (or conflicts) causes wear and tear of specific parts or organs of the body and once they reach a certain threshold point, the body starts to undertake the healing process (vagatonic healing phase) as mentioned earlier.

Hence, the triggering factor could be anything: economic crises, a family member’s death, social pressures, a change of location, etc. Anything that can linger in your head and have a further effect on your body, will definitely lead to such a situation if not resolved immediately.


Listen To Your Body And Rest! Don't Exert! - You're Healing
Listen To Your Body And Rest! Don’t Exert! – You’re Healing

“The common cold is linked to a ‘stink conflict’, which can be experienced in real terms but also figuratively as ‘This situation stinks!’ or ‘I’ve had it!’. During the conflict-active phase the nasal membrane lining widens through ulceration, which is usually not noticed. In the healing phase, however, when the nasal tissue is being repaired, the nasal membrane swells up. A runny nose (healing always occurs in a fluid environment), headaches, tiredness, an elevated temperature or fever are all typical signs of a vagotonic healing process. If the cold symptoms are more severe, then this is commonly called the ‘flu’. The claim, however, that ‘influenza’ viruses are the culprits, has yet to be proven,” as the GNM website mentions.

If you catch a cold and soon after or day later, your dad catches one too; it isn’t because your cold transferred to him. According to this theory, colds are not contagious! If this happens, it is simply because your father is also in the conflict active phase and his nasal conditions are suitable for the microbes to inhabit and the healing to take place. Some even say that wiping another person’s mucus to your nose does not infect you. I have no personal evidence to support this though. Also, nasal tissue cannot be repaired in its normal state, tissue has to be moist in order for healing to take place!


According to my personal experimentation of this very theory, it is possible to stop the infection or disease. After having been informed about GNM and this issue through Spirit Science, I decided to try it out myself and experienced shocking results. Out of the 6 times in the last month that I was on the verge of developing a full-fledged cold (or already was two days into it), I got out of all these 6 times and the cold vanished instantaneously.

  • 3 of these times, I was one to two days into the common cold with symptoms such as: uncontrollable running nose, nasal mucus congestion, head ache (especially acute eye pain, burning and watering) and initial mild pin-point one-sided throat pain.
  • 2 of these times, I woke up after a good night’s rest and experienced a mild runny nose and burning eyes. I immediately meditated, searched for the conflict within me and let it go, after I returned back from college later that day (returning myself to perfect mental state).
  • 1 time only, I had a sickly labourer sitting with me in the bus. He blew his mucus all over the place and coughed so much that I could feel his warm breath in the air. I had to put my head out of the window and control my disgust for the entire journey home.

Colds aren’t bad, they aren’t an enemy or opponent we gotta fight againt: they’re simply a healing process. I’m not saying we gotta not have any cold at all! It’s jus that we can reduce the number of unnecessary colds that come by, due to the fact that we constantly cause the wear and tear of our nasal tract as it swells up slowly when we’re in conflict for a prolonged period.

As I’ve been a mild psychic since birth (which I took very seriously just about 2 months back, ever since my ‘spiritual awakening’ which was a result of severe health problems I am still facing), I can always feel my body’s electro-magnetic energy field and control it. So I integrate my energy rectification (stablilisation) techniques to change my mood, draw energy from nature (especially the elements such as water, green life and ‘Mama Gaia’), etc.


Every time you catch a cold, remember that the reason is a particular conflict. I can’t stress enough on how much you should meditate or talk to yourself and search for what that conflict is or those conflicts are. I was once lost finding the answer to this too! Guess what, it was just because the shop I wanted to buy my first gem stones from was closed for about two weeks and I was just too anxious and worried, that destiny may not have wanted me to have them.

Let me also say that, there are people we all know, who catch a common cold just about 2 to 3 times in a year. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out why! According to me, this is because these people’s minds function in such a manner (by nature), that they do not cling onto conflict firmly enough and hence, also do not allow it to manifest into a disease. It isn’t that they do this intentionally, it’s just their personal and innate way of dealing with things.

Your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical Bodies Are Interconnected. If One Fails The Others Compensate For It
Your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical Bodies Are Interconnected. If One Fails The Others Compensate For It

If you don’t know where to start or how to use this information because you’re caught up into the mechanical functioning we’re conditioned and brainwashed into; please feel free to send a message. Some of you will definitely be new to this ‘flipside’ of life and the world, but don’t dismiss it as utter rubbish. Ponder into it yourself and ask the right people for the right answers. Anyway, all of us will awaken when we’re supposed to, so don’t stress yourself out nor those close to you. Everyone learns their lesson when they’re supposed to.

Energy and Love,

Born Into The Light..