We’re all born into the Light, as the Light and are with the Light as it slowly fades away. Most of us never find our way back to it, as we’re made to believe we can’t be it. It’s the only way by which people who want to rule all that is material can keep a strong hold over us.

Like most of the young world out there, who are opening up to ‘realities’ or ‘non-realities’ of this life (how ever you see it), I have also passed the same phase as they have. This is not because I’m well to do, bored of life or adventurous to the extent of living real life fantasy. My experiences as well as the revelatory conclusions I have painstakingly arrived at, point straight in this direction.

When you have something in you or are someone that cannot be explained by our ‘visible’ world, then only can you start being open to things beyond. A bird who has no wings will never believe that it can fly because it has no wings. Now, that logic is relevant to the material (visible) world as we now know it. But if a bird like an Ostrich has wings but doesn’t fly, it’ll at least be open to the concept of flight.

You Are A Being Of Light!
You Are A Being Of Light!

Basically, it’s time to be open and accept things that make sense. Contradicting sensable things will not take us anywhere. See where we’ve reached already, is the current state of affairs in our globe what we really desire deep in our heart? Do some of us live for more, live for others? Let’s all join hands for a collective contribution and become the Light, together…